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Roblox! #2

Roblox! #2

Can you try to beat 5 of these quiz questions?

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Quiz Questions And Answers

When was Adopt Me added?

Roblox! #2: When was Adopt Me added?

Does Roblox have cat games?

Roblox! #2: Does Roblox have cat games?
Yes, a tone!
No, not any!

What is the game "Twilight Daycare" about?

Roleplaying, Family, and Friends
Babies dying, Families crying, and Friends lying

What is the game "Royale High" about?

Spending Diamonds, Dressing Up, and Roleplaying
Heat, Getting Bullied, and Eating Animals

Is the Roblox game "Flicker" scary or happy?

Scary, Deadly, and Flickery
Calm, Happy, and Flickery

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Roblox! #2 : Test Trivia

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