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Which The Sinner Character I am?

Which The Sinner Character I am?

The Sinner is an American police procedural anthology tv collection developed by Derek Simonds for u.S.A. Network. It is known as after Petra Hammesfahr\'s 1999 novel, which served as the premise for the first season. Bill Pullman starred as a police detective who investigates crimes devoted by way of not going culprits and tries to find their motivations. Simplest Pullman regarded in every season, with the rest of the forged converting for each season\'s tale. At the start meant as an 8-element miniseries, The Sinner premiered on August 2, 2017, to critical acclaim and excessive ratings. The show\'s fulfillment led to united states network turning it into an anthology collection, airing 32 episodes over four seasons, finishing on December 1, 2021.

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You May Get Result Of Which The Sinner Character I am?

You are more like Emma Hughes.
You are more like Bill Pullman.
You are more like Harry Ambrose.
You are more like Julian Walker.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Who is directed The Sinner Series:

Derek Simonds
Lebel Simonds
Carol Simonds

Who is your Favorite Character:

Bill Pullman
Hally Ambrose
Julian Walker

Who is a Police Captain in The Sinner:

Anne Farmer
Maddie Beecham
Lorn Tanneti

Do you believe in:

Super Power

What is your favorite Character of season 3:

Emma Hughes

What is your Favorite season of The Sinner:

Season 2
Season 3
Season 4

Who is Drug Dealer:


What is your drink of choice:

Bloody Marry
Whisky Straight- up

If Someone starts a fight with you, the first thing you do is:

Punch first
Begin to cry
Take them low

What rate you will give to this series:


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Which The Sinner Character I am? : Test Trivia

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