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Art 1301: When week 4

Art 1301: When week 4

A general introduction to the visual arts to create an appreciation of the vocabulary, techniques, and purposes of the creative process

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Ch. 14-15: The emperor Maxentius ordered construction of a large basilica near the Roman forum. Little of it remains today, but its design set the precedent for many subsequent

d. A barely adolescent boy
e. idealized beauty of the human body
Christian churches
dramatic negative space

Ch. 14-15: One of the earliest and most famous "fertility" figurines from the Paleolithic period is the

d. Athens; Pericles
Venus of Willendorf

Ch. 16-17: In St. Sernin, the ceiling structure is a stone barrel vault, which was necessary for

genre painting
Venus of Willendorf

Ch. 14-15: The Pantheon's dome is to lessen the weight of it both physically and visually.

a. metopes
Venus of Willendorf

Ch. 16-17: Piero della Francesca's Resurrection fresco was based on

mathematical and geometric order
a. metopes

Ch. 16-17: The massive dome of Hagia Sophia appears to be light and graceful due to

mathematical and geometric order
light filtering through arched windows at its base

(fig 17.9) date: (1535) By:

Last Judgment, 1530-40, Michelangelo
Adam and Eve, 1500, Durer
Madonna with the Long Neck, 1540, Parmigianino

(fig 18.3) date: (1586) By:

Tomb of Giuliano de Medici, 1530s, Michelangelo
Burial of Count Orgaz, 1590, El Greco
The Meat Stall, 1550, Pieter Aersten

(fig 17.5) date: (1534 41) By:

Isenheim Altarpiece, 1510-1515, Grünewald
Last Judgment, 1530-40, Michelangelo
The Return of the Hunters, 1570, Pieter Bruegel the Elder

(fig 17.12) date: (1592 94) By:

Tomb of Giuliano de Medici, 1530s, Michelangelo
Last Supper, 1590, Tintoretto
Allegory of Venus, 1550, Bronzino

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