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(Literacy) Just Mercy

(Literacy) Just Mercy

Just Mercy is Bryan Stevenson\\\'s account of his career as a legal advocate for marginalized people who have been either falsely convicted or harshly sentenced. It shows the potential for mercy to redeem us, and a call to fix our broken system of justice. Just how much do you know about it? Take the quiz and find out!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

(Chapter 6: Surely Doomed) What did Charlie talk about when he finally spoke with Bryan?

What happened when he was in jail.
What happened with George and his mom.

(Chapter 10: Mitigation) What made George hallucinate and exhibit bizarre behavior?

Car Accident
Fell off of a Cliff
Ran Over by a Car
Shot on the Leg

(Chapter 9: I'm Here) What event did the dog most likely remind Mrs. Williams of, according to page 179?

African American Slavery
Civil Rights Movement
World War II
Civil War

(Chapter 8: All God's Children) On Christmas Eve in 1992, who did lan call, and for what reason?

He called Bryan Stevenson for help getting him out of Solitary Confinement.
He called Debbie Baigre (the woman he shot), to apologize.
He prank called the guards of the Apalachee Correctional Institution
He called Debbie Baigre (the woman he shot), to insult at her, repeatedly.

(Chapter 6: Surely Doomed) What were some characteristics of George?

He would rarely beat Charlie's mother.
He would always work a double part-time job.
He would mostly come home with guns.

(Chapter 7: Justice Denied) Mozelle and Onzelle were both best childhood friends.


(Chapter 3: Trials and Tribulation) How did John Evans die?

Electrocution from 'Yellow Mama'.
Shot by Russ Canan.
Ran over by a police car.

(Chapter 4: The Old Rugged Cross) Why was Herbert Richardson so frustrated at Bryan?

Bryan hung up on him.
Bryan moved his execution to an earlier day.
Bryan was constantly yelling at him.
Bryan couldn't find a way to help him.

(Chapter 1: Mockingbird Players) What did Karen Kelly do that made her fall apart?

Broke up with Walter McMillian.
Took drugs.
Cheated on another man.
Hire Ralph Myers as an associate.

(Chapter 10: Mitigation) What is the main reason why George Daniel get arrested?

Running around his neighborhood naked.
Scaring the passengers on the bus.
Shooting a police officer in the stomach.
Breaking and entering in another person's home.

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(Literacy) Just Mercy : Test Trivia

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