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Special Education Needs: Trivia Questions Quiz 15

Special Education Needs: Trivia Questions Quiz 15

One of the things that most people do not know is that just because one is disabled, it doesn\'t mean they can;t do other things. Learning is an important part of human growth, and due to some disabilities, some learners will need different care and techniques in class. As a teacher, what do you know about special education needs? Take this test to find out!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Learning styles are affected by the students. abilities of the

all of the answers

The Federal Equal Access Act

Allows Gay-Straight Alliance clubs to meet on school grounds.
Gives teachers the right to use the word "homosexual" in the classroom.
Allows GLBT students to sue their schools if they are discriminated against.

Which of the following is TRUE of students receiving special education?

Whites are more likely than African-Americans to be labeled mentally retarded.
Few special-education students are likely to be Hispanic because special education services are not available in Spanish
Boys are more likely to receive special-educational services than are girls.

A student who says, "I failed the test because the fire alarm went off in the middle of the test" appears to exhibit

an external locus of control.
an internal locus of control.
an auditory learning style.

Sternberg describes gifted and talented students as

Having wisdom.
Scoring in the top 2 percent on standardized tests.
Displaying exceptionally high ability, creativity, and persistence.

The Lab School of Washington builds its curriculum around

Social studies
The arts
Learning foreign languages

How might you characterize the changing understanding of intelligence?

Technological advances and computer programs are allowing a more precise measure of intelligence.
"IQ," the standard measure of intelligence, has been obscured by "EQ," which is being used by schools as a replacement f
We are broadening our understanding of intelligence beyond traditional language and mathematical-logical factors.

"Procedural due process" refers to

The steps taken to mainstream exceptional learners into regular classrooms.
The rights of children with disabilities to be assessed, placed and taught in highly structured classes.
The rights of children with disabilities and their parents to have access to and input on school decisions.

The foundation of one's emotional intelligence is

Self awareness
In motivating oneself
Handling relationships

Which principle of special education implies that children have the right to an education involving the accurate diagnosis of individual needs?

Nondiscriminatory education
Procedural due process

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Special Education Needs: Trivia Questions Quiz 15 : Test Trivia

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