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Quiz: Titanic 3D Movie.

Quiz: Titanic 3D Movie.

This quiz contains information about Titanic 3D Movie.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which year Titanic movie released?


Whch kind of movie Titanic is?


When a 3D version of Titanic released?


Who is the director of the film Titanic 3D?

Leonardo DiCaprio
James Cameron
Bernard Hill

Who is the writer of the film Titanic?

David Warner
Danny Nucci
James Cameron

Who acted as Cal Hockley in the film Titanic?

Bill Paxton
Billy Zane
Rob Lowe

Who did the music of Titanic 3D?

Bernard Hill
Jonathan Hyde
James Horner

Who played the role of Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic 3D?

Audrey Hepburn
Kate Winslet
Gloria Stuart

Who is the cinematographer of Titanic 3D?

Russell Carpenter
Richard A. Harris
James Cameron

Principal photography for Titanic began in-

May 2000
April 1963
July 1996

The film Titanic internationally ditributed by-

20th Century Fox
Globe Films
Legendery Films

Titanic was released worldwide in widescreen and pan and scan formats on VHS and laserdisc on-

April 9, 1996
June1, 1999
September 1, 1998

The 3D conversion of Titanic was performed by-

Stereo 4
Stereo D
Stereo max

The 3D version of Titanic premiered at the Royal Albert Hall in London-

on May 7, 2010
on March 20, 1997
on March 27, 2012

What was the budget of the film Titanic?

$200 million
$100 million
$120 million

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Quiz: Titanic 3D Movie. : Test Trivia

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