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Medicine- Gastroenterology Exam Prep MCQ Test Quiz 59

Medicine- Gastroenterology Exam Prep MCQ Test Quiz 59

Medicine- Gastroenterology

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What are the most important risk factors in the development of alcoholic liver disease

Quantity and gender
Duration and gender
Gender and Hepatitis C
Quantity and duration

True in the laboratory diagnosis of alcoholic fatty liver and alcoholic hepatitis

AST is increased two to sevenfold, >400 IU/L, greater than ALT
ALT is increased two - to sevenfold, >400 IU/L
AST / ALT is usually >1
Bilirubin is increased associated with marked elevation in alkaline phosphatase

Treatment for patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis, with a discriminant factor >32 or MELD > 20

Prednisone 40mg/day x 4 weeks then tapered
Pentoxyfylline 400 mg/tab TID x 4 weeks
Monoclonal antibodies that neutralize serum TNF-a
Immediate liver transplantation

A serum ascites-to-albumin gradient (SAAG) of > 1.1 g/dL indicates that the most likely cause of the ascites is:

Cirrhosis with portal hypertension
Infection such as TB peritonitis
Malignancy such as ovarian cancer
Renal failure

Currently considered the most effective treatment regimen for acute hepatitis B:

None of the above

This condition resembling cholangitis results from progression of acute cholecystitis with persistent cystic duct obstruction to superinfection of the stagnant bile:

Empyema of the gallbladder
Emphysematous cholecystitis
Porcelain gallbladder

The usual clinical presentation of Crohn's Disease:

Recurrent fever, abdominal pain and rectal bleeding
Recurrent abdominal cramping, constipation and abdominal distension
Recurrent right lower quadrant pain and diarrhea
Recurrent abdominal bloating, tenesmus and weight loss

The most clinically benign form of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), consisting of simple accumulation of triglycerides in hepatocytes:

Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
Hepatic steatosis
Nonalcoholic hepatitis
Benign hepatic chylomicronemia

Rovsing's sign in acute appendicitis refers to:

Elicited abdomnal pain on internal rotation of the hip
Elicited pain on the RLQ on gentle palpation of the LLQ
Elicited pain in the right lower back on extending the right hip
Elicited pain on the RLQ on deep epigastric pressure

X-ray images showing distention of fluid- and gas-filled bowel arranged in a "staircasing" pattern and an absence or paucity of colonic gas are pathognomonic for:

Mesenteric ischemia
Small intestinal obstruction
Option 5

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Medicine- Gastroenterology Exam Prep MCQ Test Quiz 59 : Test Trivia

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