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The 911 Dispatcher Exam Practice Test quiz 5

The 911 Dispatcher Exam Practice Test quiz 5

Can you pass this 911 dispatcher practice test? A 911 Dispatcher is a communication personal who\\\'s responsibility includes transmitting (sending/receiving) pure and reliable information, tracking equipment and vehicles, connect people in need of medical, police, and fire-fighting services. If you want to work in this field, you must go through the qualification process, which ultimately includes a written test. Give it a try and see where you stand!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Section 119.01, F.S., provides that all state, county and municipal records are closed for personal inspection and copy by any person.

False They are open and can be copied

A telecommunicator can not be held criminally liable if they violate a law or statute.

False They can be held liable

Confidential information may include all except:

Name, address, and phone number
Patient care information
Suspect information
The identity of the deceased before the next of kin notified

A deposition, also known as a depo, is the taking of testimony under oath.


HIPAA was designed to protect patients from disclosure of protected health information that is oral, written or electronic.


What vital information should be obtained first in order to properly classify a call?

What the nature of the incident is
When did the event actually take place
Are there weapons
Where or location of the event

Interpersonal skills encompass communications between two or more people and include only verbal communications.

False It also includes non verbal communications

"Feedback" is not one of the 5 parts that make up the communications cycle.


What is the number for the Florida Relay Systems that assist individuals with hearing and speech impediments in communications with those without TDD capabilities?


A mobile radio is more powerful then a base radio or a portable radio.

False The base radio is more powerful

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The 911 Dispatcher Exam Practice Test quiz 5 : Test Trivia

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