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CDL Practice Test - General Knowledge Quiz 56

CDL Practice Test - General Knowledge Quiz 56

Prepare yourself to get your CDL A license. Become a great truck driver and get your license with ease by practicing the CDL test before you actually take it.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

If you have a blow out in your front tire on level highway at 50 miles per hour, what should you do FIRST?

Quickly drive to the shoulder.
Stay off the brake until the vehicle slows.
Stay off the brake until the vehicle slows.

Who is responsible for making sure that cargo is not overloaded?

The driver.
State and federal agents.
The shipper.
All of the above.

Avoid using your horn because:

It does not do a good job of letting people know where you are.
It may startle other drivers.
It takes air pressure away from the air brakes.
All of the above.

During a pre-trip inspection, check your brakes and suspensions system for:

Brake shoes and pads with fluid in them.
Shoes worn thinner than 1/4 inch.
Cracked, missing, or broken parts.
All of the above.


Provide emergency braking.
Apply extra braking power to the non-drive axles.
Help slow the vehicle and reduce brake wear.
Prevent skidding.

Use the A:B:C fire extinguishers on:

Burning liquids and electrical fires.
Wood and paper fires.
Cloth fires.
All of the above.

In a pre-trip inspection, what should you check for in your wheels and rims?

Look for rust around wheel nuts, which indicates looseness.
Cracked or damaged wheels or rims.
Mismatched or bent lock rims.
All of the above.

To correct a tractor drive-wheel acceleration skid, you should:

Apply more power to the wheel.
Apply the brakes.
Stop accelerating and push in the clutch.

Why should you cover the cargo?

Federal and state laws require it.
To protect the cargo and keep it from spilling.
Department of Transportation specifications.
All of the above.

Which of the following is true about double-clutching and shifting?

Use your tachometer and road speed to tell when you shift.
Double-clutch only on slippery roads.
If you miss a gear when upshifting, bring your vehicle to a stop.
Double-clutch only with a heavy load.

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CDL Practice Test - General Knowledge Quiz 56 : Test Trivia

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