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CDL Practice Test - General Knowledge Quiz 52

CDL Practice Test - General Knowledge Quiz 52

Prepare yourself to get your CDL A license. Become a great truck driver and get your license with ease by practicing the CDL test before you actually take it.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

If you are on the right shoulder going 55 miles per hour, what is the safest way to get onto the road?

Stay on the shoulder if it is clear and come to a stop, then return to the road when it is safe.
Brake hard and steer sharply onto the road.
Maintain your speed and steer gently onto the road.

How should you hold the steering wheel?

You can put your hands anywhere on the steering wheel.
With both hands close to the bottom of the wheel.
With both hands on the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock.
With both hands on the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock.

If your engine begins to overheat, what should you do?

Stop the vehicle and remove the radiator cap.
Finish your trip, then check your engine.
Stop as soon as possible and shut off your engine.
.Keep your engine running.

How should you accelerate?

Accelerate until you feel a jerking motion.
Accelerate smoothly so you won't cause coupling damage.
Accelerate quickly when traction is poor.
All of the above.

What is controlled braking?

Gently tapping on the brakes.
Locking the brakes for a short time.
Keeping the vehicle in a straight line when braking.
All of the above.

What is important about downshifting?

Downshift after you go down a hill.
Downshift before you enter a curve.
When you double-clutch, let the engine rpm decrease while the shift lever is in neutral and the clutch is released.
All of the above.

Countersteering is:

Turning the wheel counter clock wise.
Steering back and forth several times.
Turning the wheel more than needed.
Turning the wheel back in the other direction, once you've passed something in your path.

How should you adjust your speed when it is raining or snowing?

On packed snow, keep your speed constant.
On a wet road, use caution.
Allow extra time for stopping, because it takes longer and it will be harder to turn without skidding.
All of the above.

Which of the following is true when using your turn signal?

When turning, turn your signal off as you turn.
When turning, signal early.
Use your turn signal only when changing lanes in heavy traffic.
All of the above.

When can you use your brakes if you must leave the road in an emergency?

Only when you feel the vehicle start to tip over.
When your speed drops to about 20 miles per hour.
As soon as possible.
When one wheel is still on the pavement.

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CDL Practice Test - General Knowledge Quiz 52 : Test Trivia

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