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The Ultimate NAAC Practice Test For PSW Part-II Quiz 46

The Ultimate NAAC Practice Test For PSW Part-II Quiz 46

Welcome to part two of the ultimate practice test on NAAC for Personal Support Worker (PSW). A PSW has the responsibility of helping its clients deal with problems in their everyday life by identifying those issues and referring their clients to the agencies that can help. If you are looking towards working in the same field, or are already a trainee, then you must take it right away.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The best method to identify a resident of a long term care facility is to

Use the identification bracelet
Call the person by name
Have the person tell you their name
Check their laundry level on their shirt

Food poisoning symptoms generally include

Joint pain
Abdominal upset and headache
Edematous feet

When a PSW assists a client with active ROM

The client moves the joint or limb
The PSW moves the joint or limb
The PSW implements new exercises in keeping with the client's progress
The PSW's job is to only count the repetitions

Which one of the following would spread disease by droplet infection?

Poor hand washing technique
Improperly sterilized instruments
Coughing or sneezing
Contaminated food and water

The main cause of decubitus ulcers is

Dry skin
Celular necrosis

Which one of the following is incorrect when recording a resident's vital signs

They are always recorded daily
They are confidential
They are plotted/recorded on a flow sheet
When feeding a resident, the PSW

When feeding a resident, the PSW

Stands to keep an eye on the other resident
Mixes pureed food all together
Sits to maintain eye contact with the resident
Sits on the side of the bed

The benefits of exercise to the older person include

Improved digestion
Increased muscle mass
Improved sleep
All of the above

Which is not part of Erikson's theory of psychological development

People move through a series of stages throughout their lives
People most successfully complete a task in each stage before moving on to the next
Babies must learn to trust their needs will be met
Moving to unfamiliar surroundings creates love and belonging needs

According to dr. Sigmund's theory of personality development,the part of the personality that deals with knowing right from wrong is


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The Ultimate NAAC Practice Test For PSW Part-II Quiz 46 : Test Trivia

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