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The Ultimate NAAC Practice Test For PSW Part-II Quiz 33

The Ultimate NAAC Practice Test For PSW Part-II Quiz 33

Welcome to part two of the ultimate practice test on NAAC for Personal Support Worker (PSW). A PSW has the responsibility of helping its clients deal with problems in their everyday life by identifying those issues and referring their clients to the agencies that can help. If you are looking towards working in the same field, or are already a trainee, then you must take it right away.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

A PSW breaks a resident's glasses because of carelessness, what specific term applies for this action?


Maslow's most basic needs theory includes

Oxygen, food, water and shelter
Oxygen, elimination, food, rest and belonging
Shelter, self-worth, oxygen, water, rest and food
Oxygen, food, water, elimination, rest and shelter

Looking at things from another's point of view is called

Work ethics

Mrs. Ford has a belt restraint. How often should she be checked for the position of the restraint?

Every 10 to 15 minutes
Every 30-45 minutes
Every hour
Every two hours

When a client vomits in the supine position, what should the caregiver do

Raise the client's head
Turn the client on her side
Transfer the client to the bathroom
Position the client's head between her knees

Hormonal changes during menopause can result in

Mood swings
Hot flashes
Increased problems sleeping
All of the above

Mrs Jones asks you to perform a function which extends beyond the scope of your responsability and training. What should you do?

Perform the function with extra caution
Advise her that you are not trained to do that skill and report the request to your supervisor
Call a co-worker and ask how to do that skill
Ask Mrs. Jones to tell you how to perform that skill

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies to

Only adults living in the community
Everyone except frail elderly in long term care institutions
Every canadian
Only clients with AIDS

A newborn will be breastfed, the mother should

Wash her hands first
Hold the infant close to her breast
Stimulate the rooting reflex
All of the above

Common emotions experienced by a person going through rehabilitation are

Optimism and cheerfulness
Frustration and depression
Satisfaction and increased self-esteem
Humiliation and despair

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The Ultimate NAAC Practice Test For PSW Part-II Quiz 33 : Test Trivia

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