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Physics 15

Physics  15


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Quiz Questions And Answers

The focal length of convex lens is

(A) shorter for blue light than for red
(B) shorter for red light than for blue
(C) maximum for yellow light

Why are the inner lining of hot water made up of copper?

(A) Copper has less heat capacity
(B) Copper has high electrical conductivity
(C) Copper does not react with steam
(D) Copper is good conductor of both heat and electricity

The working principle of a washing machine is

(A) Diffusion
(B) Reverse osmosis
(C) Dialysis
(D) Centrifugation

Cooling is not done by

(A) Melting the solid
(B) Burning cooking gas
(C) Release of compressed gas

What is the unit of power in SI?

(A) Joule
(B) Newton
(C) Erg/Sec
(D) Joule/Sec

physical quantity is measure in watts.

(A) Kinetic energy
(B) Momentum
(C) Impulse
(D) Power

Which is the instrument for recording high temperature from a great distance?

(A) Thermometer
(B) Spectrometer
(C) Radiometer
(D) Pyrometer

In the nuclear reactor, heavy water (D₂O) is used in the form is

(A) accelerator
(B) moderator
(C) controller

Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of

(A) positron
(B) neutron
(C) electron

For shaving which type of mirror is used

(A) spherical mirror
(B) plane mirror
(C) convex mirror
(D) concave mirror

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Physics 15 : Test Trivia

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