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Physics 13

Physics  13


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Quiz Questions And Answers

Who among the following received Nobel Prize twice for the same subject?

(A) Stanley Cohen
(B) Frederic Sanger
(C) Marie Curie

The electric current density is

(A) A vector quantity
(B) A scalar quantity
(C) Both

Which one of the following pair doesn't. have the same dimensions?

(A) Impulse and momentum
(B) Work and energy
(C) Force and pressure

What does the kinetic energy depend?

(A) The pressure of the moving body
(B) Both mass and velocity of the moving body
(C) Force and pressure

Rise of mercury in a barometer indicates

(A) Storm
(B) Rain
(C) Fair weather

The mass number of a nucleus is

(A) Always equal to its atomicnumber
(B) Always more than its atomic number
(C) Sometimes more and sometimesequal to its atomic number

The frequency of A.C. mains in India is

(A) 30 c/s
(B) 50 c/s
(C) 60 c/s

The spread in colours in a rainbow on sky is primarily due to

(A) Reflection of sunlight
(B) Dispersion of sunlight
(C) Total internal reflection of sunlight

Light year is

(A) Light emitted by the sun in oneyear
(B) Time taken by light to travel from sun to earth
(C) The distance travelled by light infree space in one year

The magnetic needle always points in direction.

(A) North-East
(B) North-South
(C) West-South

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Physics 13 : Test Trivia

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