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What virtue are you? Quiz

What virtue are you? Quiz

What virtue are you? Quiz. Take this quiz to understand which values reign supreme. Virtue refers to a moral excellence or a positive trait of character that enables a person to act in ways that are morally right and good. Virtues are qualities or habits that promote ethical behavior and contribute to the well-being of individuals and society as a whole.

What virtue are you? Quiz

There are various types of virtues, but they can generally be classified into two categories: cardinal virtues and theological virtues.

  1. Cardinal virtues: These are four essential virtues that form the foundation of moral character. They are:
  • Prudence: The ability to make wise and practical decisions.
  • Justice: The commitment to fairness and equality in all relationships.
  • Temperance: The ability to exercise self-control and moderation in all aspects of life.
  • Fortitude: The courage and strength to do what is right, even in difficult situations.
  1. Theological virtues: These are three virtues that are derived from God and are believed to be necessary for salvation. They are:
  • Faith: The belief in God and His teachings.
  • Hope: The trust and confidence in God's promises and plan.
  • Charity (or love): The selfless love for God and others.

In addition to these cardinal and theological virtues, there are many other virtues that are recognized in different cultures and traditions, such as compassion, honesty, humility, and gratitude.

Everyone has some positive qualities. What's your most prominent one? Have you ever wondered which of the 7 Heavenly Virtues is present in abundance within you? Take this simple quiz to find out which one is yours. What is the strongest virtue? The Heavenly Virtue that is strongest in you is Humility. You have the self-assurance to take on mundane and less glorious tasks, knowing that you are strong enough to make the sacrifices for the greater good. What is the most important virtue? Courage is the most important of the virtues, because without it, no other virtue can be practiced consistently, said Maya Angelou to members of this year's graduating class. Cross-cultural research has found that character virtues are grounded in biology, as they are the characteristics of humanity that survived the evolutionary process because they aid us in solving important tasks necessary for survival of the species. The six character virtues defined by psychologists are wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence.

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You May Get Result Of What virtue are you? Quiz

You are generous. You like to help others and this is the most appreciated quality.
You are generous. You like to help others and this is the most appreciated quality.
You are diligent, Truthful and have an open mind.
You are brave, You are courageus enough to help others at the cost of your life.

Quiz Questions And Answers

What is your age?

30 and above
above 40

What is your gender?


When beggar asks you for money?

You give them
Avoid him
Encourage beggar to get a job

If someone asks you about unfortunate realtionship goals, what would you say?

You don't need, you take care of yourself
Don't be afraid for new realtionship
Free yourself

If person tries to overtake you in traffic?

They must really need to go pretty fast
You know when your time will arrive
You are angry but will not take out on that person

If someone else is promoted, what would you do?

You will work harder
You will get angry but not tell the person
You will talk to the boss

If someone is angry with you for no reason, what would you do?

Stay calm and try to figure out
Stand upto them
Apologize whether knowing you are right or wrong

You have to do volunteer work?

Lets do it
I help when I can
Let's get this over quickly

You want something that you can't have right now?

You will resist
Patiently wait
You will get it

Superiors created a new rule that you don't agree with

You will try to repeal it
You respect the rule
You start protesting

Your motto is to

Be independant
Give love
Determine never to be idle

Your aim is to

Help others without your loss
When anger approaches, think of consequences

If a stranger needs your help, will you?

I will think
I can risk my life to help him

Are you truthful to the work assigned?


Do you have courage to speak truth in front of others?


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What virtue are you? Quiz : Test Trivia

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