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Physics 6

Physics 6


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Quiz Questions And Answers

The energy emitted by the Sun is due to:

Chemical reaction
Nuclear fission
Nuclear fusion

What was the name of the space shuttle that landed man on the moon?


Who propounded the possibility of placing communications satellites in geosynchronous orbit for the first time?

Edwin P Hubble
William Herschel
Arthur C Clarke

In which of the following cryogenic engines are used?

Frost-free refrigerators
Sub-marine propulsion

In the atmosphere ultraviolet rays are absorbed by:


Oil rises up the wick in a lamp because:

oil is very light.
of the capillary action phenomenon.
of the diffusion of oil through the wick.

Why does a big fire in the open appear to be fanned by strong winds?

Because of constant circulation of winds over and across the fire.
Because of the dust particles carried by the wind.
Because the surrounding heated air rises and cool air rushes in to create a fanning effect.

The working of the quartz crystal in the watch is based on:

Piezo electric effect
Johnson effect
Edison effect

Dynamo is a device for converting:

Heat energy into electrical energy.
Mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Magnetic energy into electrical energy.

The sky appears blue because of:

Atmospheric water vapour.
Scattering of light.
Reflection on sea water.

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Physics 6 : Test Trivia

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