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Physics 2

Physics 2


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Quiz Questions And Answers

The pitch or frequency of the siren of a coming train appears to be increasing because of

(A) Big bang theory
(B) Doppler's effect
(C) Archemedes Principle

Who discovered the electric bulb?

(A) Alexander Graham Bell
(B) Thomas Edison
(C) William Cook
(D) Terry Edison

An electric motor runs on which principle?

(A) Changing magnetic field induces an electromotive force in a conductor
(B) Electrical energy can be converted into chemical energy in the presence of magnetic fields
(C) The current flowing through a conductor causes generation of heat that drives the engine
(D) A conductor carrying current in the direction perpendicular to the external magnetic field feels a force

following is marked on the common use fluorescent tube light is

(A) 2800K
(B) 2930K
(C) 6500K

Who is the recipient of Nobel Prize for the Development of Wireless Telegraphy?

(A) Kamerling Onnes
(B) J.J. Thomson
(C) Samuel Morse
(D) Marconi

The force between two charged bodies was studied by

(A) Faraday
(B) Gauss
(C) Benjamin Franklin
(D) Coulomb

Which zone of a candle flame is the hottest?

(A) Central zone
(B) Middle luminous zone
(C) Outermost zone

The best and the poorest conductors of heat are respectively?

(A) Silver (Ag) and lead (Pb)
(B) Copper (Cu) and aluminium (Al)
(C) Copper (Cu) and gold (Au)

Which one of the following is the purest form of semiconductor?

(A) intrinsic
(B) extrinsic
(C) both of these

Kilohertz is a unit which measures

(A) Voltage
(B) Electric resistance
(C) Power used by a current of one ampere
(D) Electromagnetic radio waves frequencies

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Physics 2 : Test Trivia

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