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World Wildlife Quiz Questions And Answer2

World Wildlife Quiz Questions And Answer2

familiar species like lions and dolphins to creepy or dangerous creatures like scorpions or pythons, there are many interesting things to discover in the animal kingdom. Check out the following 31 trivia world wildlife quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge about endangered species and iconic animals on Earth.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What are the horns of rhinoceroses made from?


Which of the following is the national mammal of the United States?

American bison
Black wear

What is the other name of "Cape hunting dog" or "painting dog"?

European wild dog
American wild dog
African wild dog

It is not easy to differentiate between a leopard and a jaguar. In addition to the body size, which other physical feature can help us tell them apart?

The length of the legs
The markings on the fur
The tail

Which of the following animals cannot be found in the wild in Britain anymore?


How long does it normally take for a sloth to digest all the food?

Around 1 week
Around 1 month
Around 6 months

What is the biggest animal on Earth?

Blue whale
Colossal squid
African elephant

Which word is used to call a group of sharks?

A sharklet
A flotilla
A shoal

Black-footed ferrets completely depend on which animal for shelter and food?

Prairie dogs

The blue whale is the animal with the slowest heart rate at ... times per minute, while the pygmy shrew is the animal with the quickest heart rate at ….. times per minute.

1 - 300
8 - 1200

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World Wildlife Quiz Questions And Answer2 : Test Trivia

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