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Bird Quiz Questions And Answers Quiz 11

Bird Quiz Questions And Answers Quiz 11

Birds can be found all over the world, and come in different species, sizes, colors, and shapes. No other animals are able to fly faster, further, and higher than them. Check out the following trivia bird quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge about these amazing

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which is special about the peregrine falcon?

It is the fastest bird on Earth
It is the largest bird on Earth
It is the strongest bird on Earth

14. Which of the following species is not a prey bird?


Which is the only species of bird that is able to fly backwards?

Scarlet robin
Collared dove

12. Which species of bird has a throat pouch to catch fish?


11. The United States of America chose which species of eagle as its emblem?

Bald eagle
Sea eagle
Snake eagle

10. Approximately how many species of birds are there in the world?

Around 1,000 species
Around 10,000 species
Around 100,000 species

9. Which is the lightest bird species in the world, which only weighs 1.6 grams?

Bee hummingbird
Pygmy owl

Flamingos are born with grey feathers, which gradually turn into which colour?


7. According to an old law, who owns all swans in the United Kingdom?

The prime minister
The queen
The leader of the Church of England

What is a group of ravens called?

A spook
B. A school
A murder

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Bird Quiz Questions And Answers Quiz 11 : Test Trivia

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