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Gardening Quiz Questions And Answers 2

Gardening Quiz Questions And Answers 2

Gardening has been increasingly becoming a popular hobby. These activities are not only fun to do alone, but are also great opportunities to teach your children basic life skills. Below is a list of 35 trivia gardening quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

11. Which term is used for a plant that may keep growing in many seasons for at least 2 years?

Annual plants
Biennial plants
Perennial plants

Which of the following is a perennial plant?


Which of the following nutrients do plant not get directly from the soil?


Which technical term do we use for planting seeds?


What can we know when magnolia trees are in full bloom?

The ground is fertile
The weather is turning climate
It is spring

What is the benefit of crop rotation in veggie gardening?

To retain soil fertility
To move back larger plants
To spread out moisture

Which of the following is not a basic kind of soil?


Which of the following methods is the best way to plant tomatoes?

To cover the roots with soil
To bury them deep in the soil
To set the roots atop the soil

What is the best way to protect seedlings from frost during early spring?

To use frost repellents
To cover them with a frost blanket at night and remove it during the day
To use a heater at night

What is the most suitable soil pH level for the most veggie in the garden?

Around 3.5 to 4.5
Around 6 to 7
Around 9 to 10

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Gardening Quiz Questions And Answers 2 : Test Trivia

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