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Summer Quiz Questions And Answers 1

Summer Quiz Questions And Answers 1

There are many things to make us love the summertime: holiday, sunshine, nice beaches, ice cream, and pool parties. Everyone seems to spend more time outside to make use of the long and sunny days.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The summer lasts from June to September in the northern hemisphere. When is the summertime in the southern hemisphere?

From June to September
From October to December
From December to March

Which of the following facts is NOT true about the summer solstice?

It occurs in July each year
The sun reaches the highest point in the sky in the year
The day has the most hours of daylight in the year

Sumardagurinn fyrsti, which literally means the first day of summer, is an annual public holiday in which European country?


The phrase "the dog days of summer" is named after the "Dog Star". What is the official name of this star?


Which term is used for a period of unseasonable dry, warm weather in autumn from September to November?

Arabian Summer
Persian Summer
Indian Summer

Which British rock band had a debut single called "In the Summertime"?

The Small Faces
Mungo Jerry
Iron Maiden

The 2024 Summer Olympics will be held in which city?

Los Angeles
Cape Town

When is the Christian festival of Midsummer Day celebrated?

24th June
24th July
24th August

Which ingredient can be used as the filling for a summer pudding?


Which OTC vitamin may be used as a sunscreen by ingesting or applying a solution to the skin?

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D

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