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Job Interview Quiz 27

Job Interview Quiz 27

How prepared are you for your next job interview? You will learn and review top job interview skills by answering simple questions in this Job Interview Quiz. Take this free assessment to rate your preparedness and to increase your chances of success.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

In every answer you give, the employer is looking for:

How you will save them money
How you will solve their problem(s)
Any of the above

True or False: During the interview, it is appropriate to mirror the interviewer's personality and pace.

True - because this will build rapport.
False - because this is condescending.

True or False: Make sure to bring up your salary requirements during the first interview.

True - because this will quickly reveal whether the company can afford you.
False - salary negotiations should take place later in the hiring process.

If an employer asks an illegal question, you should:

Take them to court.
Answer the question.
Use your best judgment depending on the question and the circumstances.

How much time should you spend rehearsing interview questions and answers?

10 minutes
3-5 hours
3 days

As soon as the interview is over, you should:

Go home and rest. You deserve it.
Replay each question and answer in your mind.
Send an immediate thank you note.

At the start of an interview, you should:

Look around the interview's office for things to comment on.
Shake the interviewer's hand firmly and look him or her in the eye.
All of the above

True or False: You should bring a copy of your resume to the interview.

True - because the interviewer may have trouble locating theirs.
False - because you will insult the interviewer by assuming he or she can't find it.

On the first day of class, instructors often read and discuss the class handouts. What is one advantage of this activity?

You can highlight possible test questions
The instructor can idetify students who need tutoring
You can ask questions and clarify the instructors expectations

If you sit in front of the classroom what is this showing your instructor?

You are willing and eager to learn
That you are afraid to ask questions
That you have poor hearing or eye sight

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Job Interview Quiz 27 : Test Trivia

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