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Common Exam - Earth Science Review 3

Common Exam - Earth Science Review  3

This quiz should give you a good idea of how you will do tomorrow on the Common Exam. I am going to give you a grade to mix in with your MAJOR GRADES which is 60% of your grade in this class. As long as you are doing this quiz on your own you can take it again in class TODAY to get a higher grade.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Habitat Destruction
Invasive Species
Overpopulati on
The price of labor to harvest raw food supplies would decrease.
The price of transporting food would cause lowering of foodprices.
There would be a high demand for limited natural resources.
To increase the use of irrigation systems
To increase the number of non point sources of water pollution
To reduce the environmental degradation and economic losses
The burning of wood and coal in rural areas
The release of species of freshwater trout in lakes
The removal of plants from the food webs they support
The rivers and lakes in the mountain areas
The wide range of altitudes of the mountains
They types of rocks that make up the mountains
The current temperature in Pinehurst, NC
The relative humidity in Raleigh, NC
The average temperature in Raleigh, NC over the past 30years

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Common Exam - Earth Science Review 3 : Test Trivia

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