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Computer 27

Computer 27

Operating System Gk Questions

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The term “operating system†means

The way a floppy disk drive operates
The way computer operator works
A set of program which controls computer working

Restrictive type of real time system is called

Hard real time system
Soft real time system
None of these

Turnaround time is defined as

Waiting time
Delay between job submission and job completion
Both (a) and (b)

The process scheduler in the processor management unit

Co-ordinates the process synchronization
Selects a process to run
Gives all submitted jobs to the job scheduler

When a interrupt occurs, an operating system

May change state of interrupted process to blocked and schedule another process
Always changes state of interrupted process after processing the interrupt
Always resumes execution of interrupted process after processing the interrupt

Time sharing systems must also provide

Online system
Off line system
Both (a) and (b)

To execute more than one program at a time, the system software used must be capable of

Virtual memory

The operating system manages

Disks & 1/0 devices
All of these

The 16th bit will have a value______ if negative value is stored.


is also called as fundamental or basic data type.

built in data type

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Computer 27 : Test Trivia

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