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Flower Quiz Questions And Answers: Blossom Quiz 4

Flower Quiz Questions And Answers: Blossom Quiz 4

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Flowers are beautiful. And so are you. Flowers are great gifts by nature for humans. From ancient times till now, they attract people around the world with pleasant fragrances, vibrant colors, unique shapes, and perfect beauty. Learn more about them with the following trivia flower quiz questions and answers.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

1. What do we call the state when animals sleep during the winter?


2. What is the record coldest temperature in the United Kingdom?

35.6 degrees C
B.-27.2 degrees C
-19.3 degrees C

How long does winter last in the northern hemisphere?

From September to December
From November to January
From December to March

How long does winter last in the southern hemisphere?

From December to March
From February to May
From June to September

5. Which of the following statements is true about South and North Poles during the winter?

Days last only 5 hours
Days last only 2 hours
They are completely dark

How much money can a policeman find a driver for driving a car with snow on the roof in the United Kingdom?


Which kind of snow is suitable for making a snowman?

Artificial snow
Wet snow
Dry snow

9. In the winter of 1620 when the River Thames in London became frozen, a fair was held on the water. What was its name?

Frozen Fair
Frost Fair
Winter Fair

What do we call the condition characterized by an extreme fear of snow?


Where do slugs go during the winter when the temperature goes below the freezing level?

Under dead leaves
In grasses

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Flower Quiz Questions And Answers: Blossom Quiz 4 : Test Trivia

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