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TEKS: Lab Safety Test! Quiz 8

TEKS: Lab Safety Test! Quiz 8

TEKS(Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) is a test conducted in Texas Public Schools from Nursery to 12th. Its detailed syllabus and systematized tests to assess the acquisition of specific knowledge and skills. In schools, a student conducts laboratory investigations but ignores the safety procedures and ethical practices. This quiz will test your intelligence and make you aware of the safety measures.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

While working on a project Erika dropped a glass of water on the floor. The glass broke and the water spilled. Which of the following rules should Erika follow?

Tell her teacher about the accident
Pick up the glass carefully
Continue working on her project

While working in the lab, Joe notices that one of his classmates takes out some candy from his pocket. Why must Joe remind his classmate not to eat anything in the lab?

Eating food in the lab might distract other students from doing their work.
Eating food in the lab is dangerous since there are chemicals and bacteria that might contaminate it.
Eating food in the lab will make other students hungry.

Which of the following rules should NOT be followed in the science lab?

✔ If you break something, you must clean it up.
If you don't understand what you need to do next, ask questions.
Never play around in the lab.

Joe has been working on an activity in the lab. He follows all the directions on the paper but does not know what to do next. Which of the following would be the best way for Joe t

Joe needs to guess what he needs to do next.
Joe needs to start the activity again.
.Joe needs to ask the teacher what he needs to do next.

When entering the science lab which of the following should be done?

You should touch the equipment to see what it does
You must sit quietly and wait for your teacher to give instructions
You must talk to your classmates to see what you need to do next

During an experiment, you notice a glass of water. Before you drink the water you must do which of the following?

Smell the liquid to see if it's water
Ask your classmates to see if it belongs to anyone else
None of the above. You may not drink anything in the science lab.

The following equipment must be used when:

Working with sharp objects.
When working with sand.
All of the above.

When working in the lab which of the following should NOT be used?


If your teacher allows you to touch the pets in the lab, which of the following must you do next?

Thank the teacher for allowing you to touch the pets.
Tell your classmates how the pet felt.
Wash your hands.

Animal rearing is the main occupation of Prairies.


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TEKS: Lab Safety Test! Quiz 8 : Test Trivia

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