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Swimming 6

Swimming 6


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Quiz Questions And Answers

At the commencement of the propulsive phase of the Breaststroke kick, the feet are:

in the hooked and' V' position
turned inwards
plantar flexed

In Backstroke kick the knees should remain:

above the water
below the water
both above and below the water

In Freestyle and Backstroke, the objective for single arm practice is to:

make the link between recovery, entry and catch
strengthen the arm
make the link between recovery and catch

Bilateral breathing is:

breathing every two strokes
breathing on alternate sides
breathing only when necessary

During the Freestyle kick the feet should be:

breathing only when necessary
plantar flexed but loose
in the hooked and 'v' position

During the push phase of Freestyle the hand moves:

outwards and upwards
inwards and downwards
inwards and upwards

The following sequence best describes a safe dive:

at the edge, feet wide apart for balance, knees bent, head on chest, body enters in streamlined position
curl toes over edge, feet shoulder's width apart, bend knees, push off from side, hands together in front of head, bo
feet together, knees bent, hands enter in front of head, kick to surface

Immediately following a dive entry a student should:

. immediately sweep the arms back and lift the head
gently lift the head and aim the locked hands towards the surface
kick the legs and scull with the hands

When the water is unclear and the depth at the entry point is unknown, which entry is most appropriate:

slide in entry
stride entry
step in entry

Which of the following statements best describes the hand action of sculling:

vertical movements of the hand, hands are angled at 90 degrees, action is fast
hands are cupped, arm moves in a fast circular action
smooth and continuous inward and outward movement of the hands, angled at approximately 45 degrees

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Swimming 6 : Test Trivia

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