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Laboratory Animal Technican Exam (Lat) Quiz 24

Laboratory Animal Technican Exam (Lat) Quiz 24

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A purple top tube contains which anticoagulant?


Which area of the surgical grown is considered the sterile field?

The entire front of the grown
From the shoulders to the knees
From the shoulders to the waist

The condition where no living thing organisms are present on a surface is termed_

Decontamina ted

Of the following solutions, _are usually reserved for use on floors, tables, cages, and other surfaces to reduce the load of organisms.

Glutaraldehy des

When performing the initial scrub of the surgical area is the only method which is acceptable

A linear scrub back and forth across the site
Working outward in larger circles from the center
Working inward from the periphery of the surical site

It is recommended that the surface of each of the arms should receive_ strokes while scrubbing prior to surgery


The endotracheal tube is a _placed in the to facilitate of an animal

Flexible tube; larynx; oxygen transfer to the lungs
Rigide tube; esophagus; vomitus clearances from the trachea
Flexible, cuffed tube, trachea; assisted ventilation

In the case of animals traumatized due to fighting animal care techinicians can_ without the knowledge and/or supervision of the facility veterinarian,

Adminster antibiotics to animals
Amputate digits
Separate the fighting animals

Dystocia is a condition which may be encountered

In any species during parturition
If rabbits are not provided kindling (nest builiding) material
When laboratory animals are vitamin B6 deficient

Should an emergency occur such as cardiac or respiratory arrest, the first thing to to is

Establish an open airway
Euthanize animal
Call the veterinarian

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Laboratory Animal Technican Exam (Lat) Quiz 24 : Test Trivia

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