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Alat - Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician Quiz 4

Alat - Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician Quiz 4

Assistant Laboratory Animal Care Technicians are responsible for caring for animals in the clinical or research setting. Their duties may include maintaining animal records, administering injections, cleaning cages and preparing samples. What can you tell us about them?

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The word hyperglycemia has the suffix_ the root and the prefix

Emia: hyper: glyc
Hyper: emia, glyc
Emia; glyc; hyper
Glyc; emia; hyper

the acronym, SOP stands for

Sample operational plan
Standard operating plan
Standard operating procedure
Single operational program

the Panel of Euthanasia Report which lists methods and guidelines on animal euthanasia is published by


Throughout a quarantine period, the animals' health status is observed and diseases are treated


what are the advantages of centralizing an animals purchasing system

To plan for utilizing space, caging and supplies
To limit the use of animals
To remove animal facilities form procedure areas
To centralize disposing of animals carcasses

Conventional animals aare

Bred reared and maintained in a completely sterile environment
Nearly devoid of microbial life forms
Those that carry an unknown, uncontrolled variety and number of microorganisms
None of th eabove

A zoonotic disease is ?

A disease that is transmitted from parasite to mammal
A disease that is transmitted from mammal to parasites
A disease that is transmitted form animals to humans
A disease that is transmitted from animals to animals

All of th efollowing, execpt are used to disinfect nonliving objects such as floors and equipment

Deodorant s
Sodium hypochlorite
Sodium hypochlorite

Quaternary amonias are available as

Virucides, sporicides
Sporicides fungicies
Virucides, fungicides, algicides
Algicides, sporicides, fungicides

Excess usage of disinfectants or sanitizers produces little difference in the end result and in most cases, is hazardous


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Alat - Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician Quiz 4 : Test Trivia

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