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Biology Quiz: Intoduction To Ecology! 25

Biology Quiz: Intoduction To Ecology! 25

Biology Quiz: Intoduction To Ecology!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

In a population in which offspring survival is quite low and the environment is inconsistent, one might expect

the production of a large number of large offspring
The production of a small number of large offspring
Semelparity or big-bang reproduction
Parents delaying reproduction

Which of the following might be expected in the logistic model of population growth?

A) As N approaches K, death rate increases.
B) As N approaches K, birth rate increases.
C) As N approaches K, r increases.
D) Both A and B are true.

Which of the following aspects of a bird's life is least relevant in describing its life history?

A) age at which it first reproduces
B) duration of migration
C) frequency of reproduction
D) number of offspring per reproductive bout

Density-independent factors have an increasingly greater effect as a population's density increases.


The logistic equation reflects the effect of density-independent factors, which can ultimately stabilize populations around the carrying capacity.


A small population of squirrels has the same intrinsic rate of increase (rmax) as a large population. If everything else is equal

the J-shaped growth curves will look identical
The growth trajectories of the two populations will proceed in opposite directions
The two populations will add equal numbers of individuals per unit time
the large population will add more individuals per unit time

Latin American city model (Griffin Ford Model): Zone of maturity - better houses, paved streets, good transport, schools?

Orange Area
Blue Area
Yellow Area

Latin American city model (Griffin Ford Model): Zone of in situ accretion mixed quality of housing, some schools, only main streets paved?

Orange Area
Green (Dotted) Area
Blue Area
Yellow Green Area

Latin American city model (Griffin Ford Model): Zone of peripheral squatter settlements - makeshift shanty houses, high unemployment, no basic services?

Yellow Area
Orange Area
Yellow Green Area

All are true statements regarding Multiple Nuclei Model (Chauncy Harris and Edward Ullman, 1945) except one:

Certain activities repel each other (factories and high class residential)
No clear CBD
Local government played a crucial role in slum clearance and gentrification

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Biology Quiz: Intoduction To Ecology! 25 : Test Trivia

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