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Argo Movie Quiz

Argo Movie Quiz

Let see how much you remember about the movie Argo by playing this quiz.try it. Argo Movie is - An exfiltration specialist masquerades as a Hollywood producer in order to rescue six Americans who are held captive in Tehran during the US hostage crisis in Iran.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

When Tony meets the Canadian Ambassador in Tehran, what does the Ambassador hand Tony in the car?

Blank Canadian Passports
An envelope with plane tickets
A map of the city
Keys to Tony's Tehran hideout

Why was Tony originally brought in by the State Department after the six house guests were taken in by the Canadian Ambassador at his Tehran home?

It was a job offer.
They wanted his thoughts on their rescue plan.
Tony was told to stay out of Tehran.
Tony had vital intel to share.

In Hollywood, what name does Tony use?

Kevin Harkins
Mike Curtis
Joe Emory
Robert Speigel

What movie is Tony and his son watching when the inspiration for his rescue plan, the Hollywood Option, comes about?

Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Logan's Run
2001: A Spacy Odessy

While expressing his dislike for the State Department's rescue plan, the Bicycles Option, what items does Tony suggest they send in to help the six house guests?

Bags of trail mix
Cans of condensed milk
Training wheels

To what city is Tony flying the six house guests out of Tehran Airport?

Munich, Germany
Tel Aviv, Israel
Zurich, Switzerland
London, England

What event for his son does Tony miss due to his trip to Tehran?

Baseball game
Band concert

Tony meets a colleague in Istanbul prior to entering Iran. Who does this colleague suggest Tony go to see as soon as he lands in Tehran?

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance
An undercover operative also in Tehran
The British Ambassador
The Stat

Why was Tony's rescue plan called off by the State Department?

A rescue operation for the US Embassy was being planned.
Negotiations had started with the Iranian students.
Tony's cover was blown.
The mission intelligence was compromised.

After the mission, Tony takes all of the Hollywood Option rescue plan materials to CIA storage. What one item does Tony keep?

A poster of the fake film.
An artist story board of a movie scene.
The fake business card.
The script for "Argo".

Who was the director of this movie?

Ben Affleck
Steven Speilberg
Martin Scorsese
Kathryn Bigelow

What is the running time of this film?

100 minutes
150 minutes
128 minutes
120 minutes

What is the real name of actor who played the role as Tony Mendez in this movie?

Bryan Cranston
Ben Affleck
Alan Arkin
John Goodman

What was the box office earning of this movie?

$232.3 million
$240 million
$300.9 million
$802.8 million

What rating is given by IMDb to this movie?


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Argo Movie Quiz : Test Trivia

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