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Ecology Unit Test For Students! Quiz 19

Ecology Unit Test For Students! Quiz 19

Think you an expert of Ecology? Ecology is a division of life science that deals with examining organisms and their relationships with other organisms and their environment. Natural Science is one of the most exciting and complex forms of science: an ecologist studies living things and their habitats. Ecology shapes the distribution and abundance in the environment. If you are looking for a way to study for the ecology test, this incredible quiz can help.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which would a drought most likely affect?

Only the animals in a particular ecosystem
All organisms in a particular ecosystem
Only the plants in a particular ecosystem

What is the most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere

Carbon dioxide

Which is needed by all organisms to survive?


If the flow of energy in an Arctic ecosystem goes through a simple food chain from seaweeds to fish to seals to polar bears, then which of the following is TRUE?

The carnivores can provide more food for the Eskimos than the herbivores can.
Polar bears can provide mo more food for Eskimos than seals can.
Polar bear meat probably contains the highest concentrations of fat-soluble toxins.

The high levels of pesticides found in birds of prey is an example of

Carrying capacity
A density-dependent effect
A density-independent effect

Which of the following processes is NOT involved in the carbon cycle?

Ecological succession

In the nitrogen cycle, the bacteria that replenish the atmosphere with N₂ are:

Denitrifying bacteria
Nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
Nitrifying bacteria

In which Canadian biome would you expect to find the most acidic soil?

Tundra biome
Tropical rainforest biome
Boreal forest biome

In which biome would you find a root system that involves tap roots that run deep into the soil?

Temperate deciduous forest biome
Boreal forest biome
Desert biome

Approximately what percentage of the atmosphere is made up of nitrogen gas?


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Ecology Unit Test For Students! Quiz 19 : Test Trivia

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