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The Ultimate Ecology Trivia! Quiz 11

The Ultimate Ecology Trivia! Quiz 11

Do you really know about ecology system? Let\'s play this quiz and find out now!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Wharm water contains less dissolved oxygen than colder water. which population will be most affected by a long period of hot, dry days?

Fish in ponds
Plants in lakes
Fish in oceans

Which factor best explains why biomass decreases as trophic level increases in a food pyramid/

Some energy is converted to heat
Toxic chemicals get more concentrated as they move up the food web
Survival rate of organisms gradually decreases

Which best describes how coral reefs, forests, and ponds sustain animal populations?

They are found in areas where temperatures are too high for plants to grow
They provide resources animals need to survive
They are found in areas where humans have little impact

A kit fox grows to become an adult. What factor will have the greatest influence on the fox's survival?

Social behaviors with the fox population
The size of the fox's ears
The conditions of the fox's habitat

After a forest fire plants come back abundantly. Which limitling factor to plant growth has been removed?


Which of these organisms is classified as a decomposer


Which gas when condensed into its liquid state in the atmospere forms clouds?

Water vapor
Carbon dioxide

Which shows how terrestrial and aquatic food webs are interconnected?

Cow eats grass
Bird eats a fish
Grasshopper eats grass

Fleas harm cats and dogs by living off their blood. Which type of relationship if this?


A snake population eats a small rodent. A bird is introduced that feeds on the same small rodent. Which will increase?


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The Ultimate Ecology Trivia! Quiz 11 : Test Trivia

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