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How good do you know BEN Drowned

How good do you know BEN Drowned

Lets take a look at how good je know him. This is all btw rescearded and good looked at so i hope you guys understand the qeustions

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Try and learn more about him mabye
Good job! Thats was amazing
Keep on going my Queen/King
Omg you did so good i cant believe it!!!

Quiz Questions And Answers

How old was BEN Drowned when hé died?

9 years
11 years
14 years
12 years

When was BEN drowned Born?


Who Drowned BEN Drowned?

His Father
His bullys
The person named The father

When did BEN Drowned die

2002 september 7
2002 april 23
2002 june 21

What is BEN Drowned full real name?

Ben lawman
Benjamin lawman
Benjamin Michael Lawman

Who does BEN drowned live with?

All the creepypastas
The moon children
With other people form the internet

When did BEN Drowned get bullied?

Middle school
High school

Is BEN Drowned strong?

Yes hé is very strong hé can let you drown
No hes a little wekker because hé cant do much with the internet

How much friends did BEN Drowned have?


Did his parents die?

Yes... a little bit before BEN died
No they we’re just at home
BEN parents let there child with his grandparents

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How good do you know BEN Drowned : Test Trivia

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