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Physics quiz 14

Physics quiz 14

Physics and helps you in self-evaluating yourself as well learn fast .

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Quiz Questions And Answers

A satellite in vacuum:

is kept in orbit by remote control.
is kept in orbit by retro-rocket.
derives energy from gravitational field.
does not require any energy for orbiting.

Communication satellites are used to:

provide information of natural resources only
transmit communication signal only
receive communication signal only
receive redirect communication signal

'Farad' is the unit of:


Steel is more elastic than rubber because it:

is deformed very easily.
is harder than rubber.
required larger deforming force.
is never deformed.

On the Moon, an astronaut cannot drink lemonade with the help of straw because:

acceleration due to gravity on the Moon is less.
there is no atmosphere on the Moon.
lemonade evaporates instantaneously on the Moon.
None of the above.

A particle moving with uniform speed:

must have uniform velocity.
cannot have uniform velocity.
may have uniform velocity.
will have no velocity.

Device which uses sound waves for detection and ranging is called:

None of these

Earth is a very big magnet. In which direction does its magnetic field extend?

East to West
West to East
North to South
South to North

Which colour(s) of light has the highest velocity through vacuum?

All of these

What type of mirror is used in a view finding mirror of a vehicle?

Paraboloidal mirror
Convex mirror
Plane mirror
Concave mirror

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Physics quiz 14 : Test Trivia

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