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Physics quiz 3

Physics quiz 3

natural science that studies matter

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outward pull on him.
inertia of motion.
change in momentum.
change in acceleration.
Its time period is 24 hrs.
Its angular speed is equal to that of earth about its own axis.
It is fixed in space.
does not change.
depends on the impurities in the ice.
vander Waal's forces.
dipole moment.
hydrogen bond formation.
covalent attraction.
constant speed.
constant velocity.
constant acceleration.
varying acceleration.
Albert Einstein propounded the General Theory of Relativity.
Max Planck unveiled the Quantum Theory.
Guglielmo Marconi sent out the first wireless signals.
Wright Brothers successfully flew an aircraft.

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Physics 3
Physics 3
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Physics quiz 3 : Test Trivia

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