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Quiz Questions And Answers

11. Which of the following heavy metal bands does not have a self-titled album?

A. Rammstein
B. Slipknot
C. Testament

Which of the following is not a song by Diamond Head?

A. "In The End"
B. "Call Me, Four Cuts EP"
C. "Sweet and Innocent"

Which American heavy metal band is known for songs like "Nightmare", "Dear God", "Hail to the King", or "Buried Alive"?

A. Avenged Sevenfold
B. My Chemical Romance
C. Panic! at the Disco

8. Who is the vocalist in the British rock band Led Zeppelin?

A. Jimmy Page
B. John Paul Jones
C. Robert Plant

Which of the following is not subtype of heavy metal music?

A. Gothic metal
B. Megadeth
C. Germanic metal

"Symphony of Destruction" is a song by which heavy metal band?

A. Napalm Death
B. Linkin Park
C. Pink Floyd

Which heavy metal trend thrived in English during the early 1980s?

A. Happy hardcore
B. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal
C. Death metal

Heavy metal music enjoyed the height of its popularity in which decade?

A. The 1970s
B. The 1980s
C. The 1990s

Which of the following is not an album by Metallica?

A. Meteora
B. St. Anger
C. Master of Puppets

Who is widely considered to be the first metal band to exist in the world?

A. Skinny Puppy
B. Morbid Angel
C. Black Sabbath

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Music 15 : Test Trivia

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