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GOVERNMENT Body Quiz | Indian Ministry Quiz

GOVERNMENT Body Quiz | Indian Ministry Quiz

India is a democratic country and in that after every 5 year a new government will be form.So lets check how much you aware about the present gov.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Dr.A.P.j.Abdul kalam
Srimati Pratibha patil
Sri.Ramnath govind
Rahul Gandhi
Narendra Modi
Dr.Manmohan singh
Multi party system
Single party system
2 party System
Congress and BJP
Samajwadi and Bahujan samaj party
Both A and B
President office
Pm office
Defence minister
Finance ministry
Foreign ministry
None of these
Law ministry
Finance ministry
foreign ministry
Home minister
Defence minister
None of these

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GOVERNMENT Body Quiz | Indian Ministry Quiz : Test Trivia

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