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Which WALL-E Character Am I?

Which WALL-E Character Am I?

Which WALL-E Character Am I? Quiz. WALL-E (stylized with an interpunct as WALL·E) is a 2008 American computer-animated science fiction film[4] produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It was directed and co-written by Andrew Stanton, produced by Jim Morris, and co-written by Jim Reardon. It stars the voices of Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, John Ratzenberger, Kathy Najimy and Sigourney Weaver, with Fred Willard in the film's (and Pixar's) only prominent live-action role. The overall ninth feature film produced by the company, WALL-E follows a solitary robot on a future, uninhabitable, deserted Earth, left to clean up garbage. However, he is visited by a probe sent by the starship Axiom, a robot called EVE, with whom he falls in love and pursues across the galaxy.

Which WALL-E Character Am I? Quiz

"WALL-E" is an animated science-fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The film is set in a dystopian future where the Earth has been abandoned by humans due to its excessive pollution and waste. Here are the main characters in the film:

  1. WALL-E: The titular character is a small, garbage-collecting robot who has been left on Earth to clean up the massive piles of trash left behind by humans. Despite being a machine, WALL-E has a curious and childlike personality, often exploring the remnants of human civilization and collecting items that catch his attention. He is also kind-hearted and compassionate, and forms a deep connection with EVE.

  2. EVE: EVE (short for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) is a sleek and advanced robot sent to Earth by humans to search for signs of plant life. She is initially aloof and focused on her mission, but eventually develops a bond with WALL-E as they work together to save humanity. She is quick-thinking and skilled in combat, but also shows a softer side as she learns about Earth's past and present.

  3. Captain McCrea: The captain of the Axiom, a massive spaceship carrying the remnants of humanity, Captain McCrea is initially complacent and follows the ship's autopilot without question. However, he becomes inspired by WALL-E and EVE's mission to save the Earth and takes action to help them. He is shown to be a compassionate leader, willing to risk his own safety to ensure the survival of his crew and the return of humanity to Earth.

  4. Auto: The Axiom's autopilot, Auto is a robotic assistant designed to ensure the smooth operation of the ship. However, he is revealed to have been corrupted by the ship's programming and is willing to go to extreme lengths to prevent the return of humanity to Earth. He serves as the primary antagonist of the film.

  5. M-O: M-O is a small, fastidious cleaning robot on the Axiom who becomes obsessed with cleaning WALL-E and EVE when they board the ship. He is initially cold and dismissive towards the two robots, but eventually warms up to them and helps them in their mission.

Overall, "WALL-E" features a cast of lovable and memorable characters who each play a key role in the film's themes of environmentalism, humanity, and love. The characters are expertly designed and animated, with personalities that resonate with audiences of all ages.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which planet would you like to live on?


What is your worst fear?

Never finding true love.
Being abandoned.
Not being successful.

What do you look for in a significant other?

Their loyalty.
Their confidence.
Their intelligence.

What would be your dream job?

To travel the world.

What is your biggest weakness?

I'm clumsy.
I get a little jealous, sometimes.
I can be cocky.

How would your friends describe you?

They'd say I'm loyal.
They'd say I'm confident.
They'd say I'm intelligent.

Where would you be happiest?

At home.
At work.
Anywhere that I am in control.

If you were a robot, what color would your on switch be?


What is most important to you?

Being successful.

How would you describe yourself?


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Which WALL-E Character Am I? : Test Trivia

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