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Do You Know About Environmental Science quiz 25

Do You Know About Environmental Science quiz 25

Do you know about environmental science? It\'s a valid question, as we tend to overlook so much of the biological, chemical and physical components that make up all of the area surrounding us in life. Test your knowledge on what really goes on around us by taking this quiz!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

A method of providing plants with water from sources other than direct precipitation is known as what?

Watering the plant

In the future, coastal cities will likely be faced with

Severe water shortages when the mountaintop glaciers that feed the watersheds coming into these cities are reduced by gl
Flooding as sea levels rise secondary to global warming
Higher populations as people move from arid areas because of droughts

Breathing the air of Mexico City is like smoking_pack(s) of cigarettes each day.


"Fecal snow" is a characteristic of

Mexico City
Rio de Janeiro

Cyanosis means:

Blue Skin Discoloration
Ecological Danger

Ultrafine Particle means:

Smaller Than 100 Nm
Smaller Than 1 Nm
Safe Particle

Hit-and-run effect means:

Scientific Study
Toxic On Single Exposure
Toxin With No Test

Congenital means:

Present At Birth
Reproductive Failure

Macrophage means:

Type Of Cell
Red Worm
Big Hole

What is nonpoint-source pollution?

pollution that comes from many sources rather than from a single specific site an example is pollution that reaches a
People Important To Environmental Science

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Do You Know About Environmental Science quiz 25 : Test Trivia

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