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Computer knowledge quiz 18

Computer knowledge quiz 18

Computer aptitude and general awareness

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Quiz Questions And Answers

A(n)__converts and executes one statement at a time.


The term designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance its functionality.

digital device
system add-on
disk pack
peripheral device

Approximately how many bytes make one Megabyte?

One Thousand
Ten Thousand
One Hundred
One Million

What is MP3 ?

A mouse
A printer
A Sound format
A Scanner

All the deleted files go to

Recycle Bin
Task Bar
Tool Bar
My Computer

........ this is the act of copying or downloading a program from a network and making multiple copies of it.

Network piracy
Software piracy
Site-license piracy

A directory within a directory is called

Mini Directory
Junior Directory
Part Directory
Sub Directory

Which is the best definition of a software package?

An add-on for your computer such as additional memory
A set of computer programs used for a certain function such as word processing
A protection you can buy for a computer
The box, manual and license agreement that accompany commercial software

In MICR, C stands for


Fax machines and imaging systems are examples of

bar-code readers
imaging systems
scanning devices
pen-based systems

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Computer knowledge quiz 18 : Test Trivia

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