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Environmental Science Toughest Questions! Trivia Quiz 21

Environmental Science Toughest Questions! Trivia Quiz 21

Are you prepared for this environmental science most challenging questions quiz? You should be mindful of inland wetlands being valuable, the tragedy of the commons, what percentage of urban transportation is by car, which type of forest soil works in which areas of land, what would Good Wilderness Management do, by what is hydrologic cycle driven. If you want to understand more about environmental science, this is the quiz for you.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Today's cities are not self sustaining because they import

Manufactured goods.
All of these answers.

Cities established on barrier islands are subject to

Beach erosion.
All of these answers.
None of these answers.

Sustainable agriculture

Uses pesticides.
Minimizes erosion.
Beach erosion.

The organisms that are classified as primary consumers are the


The United States, China, and Russia, three of the world's major emitters, agreed in 2001 to participate in a cap-and trade program to slow global warming.


Leaf mold, a humus-mineral mixture, and silty loam are indicative of

Deciduous forest soil.
Grassland soil.

A form of clear-cutting that can allow a sustainable timer yield without widespread destruction is called

Strip cutting.
Seed-tree cutting.
Shelterwood cutting.

The surface litter horizon is described by the letter


Which of the following statements about the greenhouse effect is false?

The amount of heat trapped in the troposphere depends on the concentrations of greenhouse gases.
The greenhouse effect is a new theory that explains the warming of the atmosphere.
Heat trapped by greenhouse gases keeps the planet warm enough for life.

Since 1860, mean global temperature has risen degree(s) centigrade.


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Environmental Science Toughest Questions! Trivia Quiz 21 : Test Trivia

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