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Environmental Science... Chapter 6, Section 5. Quiz 18

Environmental Science... Chapter 6, Section 5. Quiz 18

The quiz below is next in the series of test and is designed to test out what you got from chapter five. Give it a shot and keep a look out for the quiz on chapter six and the rest of the book. All the best of luck in your revision!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

There are currently a number of megacities on the planet, wich populations greater than 10 million. The first hypercity on the planet, wich a population of 35 million people, is

Tokyo in Japan
New York city in the United States
Moscow in Russia

The urban growth occurring in the developing countries is

Generally well planned and orderly
Helping to eliminate urban poverty
Generally offset by migration to rural areas
Caused by both immigration and natural increase

It can be said that poverty is becoming mostly in urbanized, countries.

Increasingly, developed
Increasingly, developing
Less, developed
Somewhat, both developed and developing

Since 1980, the U.S. population has

Shifted to the north and west
Shifted to the south and east
Shifted to the south and west
Shifted to the north as people seek cooler areas because of global warming

The concentration of the U.S. population into urban areas has had the following positive effect on our natural resources:

It has reduced the use of fossil fuels, as delivery of essential goods and services occurs in a more defined, smaller ar
It has helped protect the country's biodiversity by reducing the destruction and degradation of wildlife habitats
It has reduced global warming, since the use of fossil fuels occurs only in very

Which of the following factors can be said to favor urban sprawl?

Affordable land
Increased prosperity
Poor urban planning
All of these answers

Urban populations occupy only about 2% of Earth's land area, but they consume. Of its resources


Which of the following are benefits of urbanization?

People have better access to health care
People have better access to education
Recycling is more economically feasible
All of these answers

Which of the following climate conditions are genearlly higher in urban areas than in suburbs and rural areas?

All of these answers

A city can be described as a

Cool pocket
Heat island
Wind tunnel

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Environmental Science... Chapter 6, Section 5. Quiz 18 : Test Trivia

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