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Amazing Trivia On Environmental Science quiz 16

Amazing Trivia On Environmental Science quiz 16

Whether you need to study it for college or school, or you are simply fascinated by general knowledge and want to increase your understanding of a wide variety of topics, this amazing trivia on environmental science has got you covered when it comes to the world around us.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Meaning Of Term TER

Toxicity Exposure Ratio
Trial Estimation Report
Tonal Effect Residue
Terminal Effect Rate

What do you mean by Dysplasia?

Inconsistent Heart Rate
Abnormal Organ Growth

Define Taeniacide

Tough To Kill
Tapeworm Killing Poison
Cancer Causing

Meaning of Cytotoxin

Cell Damager

Myelosuppression meaning

Nerve Conduction Decrease
Marrow Activity Reduction
Chemical Nausea

Minamata disease means:

Plant Virus
Small Cancer Tumors
Fish Disease
Organic Mercury Poisoning

Definition of Dyspnea

Labored Breathing
Dietetic Insufficiency
Computer Malfunction

Denaturation Definition

Industrial Development
Cancer Therapy
Protein Structure Change
Toxic Dust

What does Immunosurveillance mean?

Immune Monitoring System
Use Of Medical Devices
Immune System Enhancing

All about Saturnia

Manic State
Lead-Related Joint Pain
Nerve Damage
Animal-Produced Poison

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Amazing Trivia On Environmental Science quiz 16 : Test Trivia

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