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People Important To Environmental Science quiz 10

People Important To Environmental Science quiz 10

This quiz reviews 36 famous people who have contributed to our study and understanding of environmental science.

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Left-wing, Green politician who has run for president 4 times. He was instrumental in establishing the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, the EPA, and the Resource Allocation Alliance

Ralph Nader
Al Gore
Garrett Hardin

Organized a group of homemakers to fight the toxic waste in their neighborhood (Love Canal) at local, state, federal levels

Jane Goodall
Lois Gibbs
Alice Hamilton

President who preserved 150 National Parks!

Franklin Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt
Jimmy Carter

Contrary to Simon, he thinks that human population growth must be regulated - resources must be used wisely.


Declared the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands a national monument. (good) Refused to support the Kyoto Protocol (not so good)

George W. Bush
Ronald Reagen
Jimmy Carter

He wrote Sand County Almanac, one of most respected books on the environment ever published.

Lester Brown
Aldo Leopold
Barry Commoner

Greatly publicized global climate change as a direct consequence of human action through a movie showing a series of lectures of his climate change research.

E.O. Wilson
Lester Brown
Al Gore

His goal was to discover simple living and self-sufficiency - which he tried to do on Walden Pond.


He made us aware that soil erosion is a serious issue.


His essay on the principle of population says that all living things reproduce more than the land can support.


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People Important To Environmental Science quiz 10 : Test Trivia

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