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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which of the following trophy is not given in cricket

A. Ryder Cup
B. Ranji Trophy
C. Deodhar Trophy
D. Ashes

What is the difference of years between two Summer Olympic Games?

A. 2
B. 3
D. 6

What is the normal duration of an international football match?

60 minutes
B. 70 minutes
C. 90 minutes
D. 120 minutes

Who among the following is known as 'Blade Runner'?

A. Usain Bolt
B. Oscar Carl Pistorius
C. Carl Lewis
D. ben johnson

What is the name of the autobiography of famous Indian female athlete PT Usha?

A. Flying Girl
B. Silver Girl
C. Golden Girl
D. Platinum Girl

Vijender Singh is related to

A. from cricket
B. Kabaddi
C. Boxing
D. from hockey

The highest sports award in India for sportspersons is

A. Dronacharya Award
B. Arjuna Award
C. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
D. Padma Shri Award

pick the wrong pair

A. Ramanujam Cup Table Tennis
B. Rangaswamy Cup- Volleyball
C. Ryder Cup-Golf
D. Westchester Cup-Polo

What is the normal duration of an international hockey match?

A. 70 minutes
B. 60 minutes
C. 80 minutes
90 minutes

For which sport is the White City Stadium in England famous?

A. Motor Racing
B. Horse Racing Derby
C. dog race
D. lawn tennis

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