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Quiz Questions And Answers

What is the name of Anatoly Karpov related to?

A. Football
B. Hockey
C. Lawn tennis
D. chess

Which of the following sports is not included in the Olympics?

A. Hockey
B. Cricket
C. Swimming
D. volleyball

With which sport 'Wembley Stadium' in London is related?

A. Cricket
B. derby horse racing
C. Football
D. lawn tennis

What is the maximum permissible length of a bat in cricket

32 inches
B. 34 inches
C. 36 inches
D. 38 inches

The autobiography of England's superstar football player David Beckham is

A. that's out
B. my sideA. that's out
C. Spinners Tom
D. my life

In which sport the word bulls eye is used

boxing A.
B. basketball
C. polo
D. Shooting

Konica Cup is related to which sport?

A. Badminton
B. Bridge
C. Hockey
D. Golf

The word googly is related to which game?

A. Football
B. basketball
C. polo
D. Golf

Laila Ali, daughter of famous boxer Mohammad Ali, is related to which sport?

chess A.
B. swimming
C. Boxing
D. Tennis

Which of the following sports is not believed to have originated in England?

A. Lawn Tennis
B. Hockey
C. Boxing
D. Tennis

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