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Environmental Science, Management, And Policy quiz 23

Environmental Science, Management, And Policy quiz 23

This quiz was given as part of A&WMA\\\'s live course, "GENESMP-100: Environmental Practices Review Specialty Course: Environmental Science, Management and Policy" in June, 2008.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Toxics may interact in an organism in which of the following ways

Additive, synergistic, antagonism
Additive, synergistic, potentiation, antagonism
Additive, synergistic, negative, antagonism

The common exposure routes for environmental toxins are:

Inhalation, oral, dermal
Inhalation, oral, injection
Inhalation, oral, open wound

Adhesion to an extremely thin layer of molecules to the surfaces of solid bodies and liquids with which they contact is known as:


The three-way catalysts used in automobiles are an example of:

Catalytic reduction and oxidation
Catalytic reduction

Which of the following chemical is not effectively treated using Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)?

Vinyl chloride

Effective Environmental Management Systems are based on:

Laws and regulations
The Quality Circle (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
The Quality Circle (Plan, Act, Do, Check)

Life cycle analysis (LCA) is appropriate when focusing on a product to:

Predict the final cost of the product
Compare the cost of meeting or not meeting environmental requirements standard
Identify the environmentally dominant stage in a product's life cycle

Which of the following does not add to an organization's environmental aspects?

Source reduction
Releases to environment
Energy generation and / or utilization

Which of the following is not a type of command-and-control regulatory requirements?

Performance standards
Design standards
Tradable permits

A species that has a wide array of habitats is known as

K-selected species
Generalist species

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Environmental Science, Management, And Policy quiz 23 : Test Trivia

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