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Environmental Science Practice Quiz Questions! Trivia quiz 19

Environmental Science Practice Quiz Questions! Trivia quiz 19

Do you know anything about environmental science? Do you think you can pass this quiz? This quiz involves knowing what one of the earliest models for conservation in the United States was, how can poverty affect the environment, what are the basic principles of science, what are manipulative experiments, what is theory as it pertains to science, and what is the conservation of matter principle. This quiz will show you how very much you know about environmental science

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Poverty can impact the environment on a global scale, because

People confronted by poverty use more resources than those not confronted by poverty.
People faced with immediate survival needs often have no choice but to overharvest resources.
People impacted by poverty often horde resources.

Which of the following is not a basic principle of science?

We can learn through observation.
Nothing can be absolutely proven.
Both of the above are basic scientific principles.

The smallest particle exhibiting the characteristics of an element is a/an


Which of the following does not apply to manipulative experiments?

Extraneous variables are held constant.
Most experiments are done in the laboratory.
They are useful for studying large scale geologic forces.

In science a theory is

A tentative explanation, comparable to a hypothesis.
An explanation supported by a substantial body of evidence.

Scientific paradigms can be characterized by all of the following EXCEPT which one?

Once agreed upon they remain unchanged forever.
Are broad patterns of thought that guide thinking.
Influence how we interpret evidence.

The conservation of matter principle is that matter

Cannot be created, destroyed, nor changed in form.
Must be used carefully or earth will eventually run out.
Can neither be created nor destroyed.

Cellular respiration is the process by which organisms

Release energy from sugar for metabolic use.
Create complex organic molecules from simple molecules.
Convert heat to chemical bond energy for metabolic work.

It is the circumstances that surround an organism or a group of organisms.

Social Setting

These are areas sharing similar climate, topographic and soil conditions and roughly comparable communities.

Distinctive Habitats
Continental Locations

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Environmental Science Practice Quiz Questions! Trivia quiz 19 : Test Trivia

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