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Which Mamma Mia! Character Am I?

Which Mamma Mia!  Character Am I?

Mamma Mia! (promoted as Mamma Mia! The Movie) is a 2008 American jukebox musical romantic comedy film directed by Phyllida Lloyd and written by Catherine Johnson based on her book for the 1999 musical of the same name. The film is based on the songs of pop group ABBA, with additional music composed by ABBA member Benny Andersson. The film features an ensemble cast, including Christine Baranski, Pierce Brosnan, Dominic Cooper, Colin Firth, Amanda Seyfried, Stellan Skarsgård, Meryl Streep, and Julie Walters. The plot follows a young bride-to-be who invites three men to her upcoming wedding, each one with the possibility of being her father. The film was an international co-production between the United Kingdom and the United States, and was co-produced by Relativity Media, Playtone, and Littlestar Productions.

Which Mamma Mia!  Character Am I?

here are some of the main characters from the "Mamma Mia!" movie:

  1. Donna Sheridan (played by Meryl Streep) - Donna is the main protagonist of the movie and the owner of a hotel on a Greek island. She is also the mother of Sophie and the former lover of three men who could potentially be Sophie's father.

  2. Sophie Sheridan (played by Amanda Seyfried) - Sophie is Donna's daughter, who is getting married and wants to find out the identity of her father. She invites the three men her mother had relationships with in the past to the wedding in the hopes of discovering which one is her dad.

  3. Sam Carmichael (played by Pierce Brosnan) - Sam is one of the three men that Sophie invites to the wedding, and he is also Donna's former lover. He is an American architect who is now married and lives in New York.

  4. Bill Anderson (played by Stellan Skarsgård) - Bill is another one of Donna's former lovers, and he is a travel writer from Australia who is always on the move. He is a bit of a free spirit and enjoys the single life.

  5. Harry Bright (played by Colin Firth) - Harry is the third man who could be Sophie's father, and he is a British banker who is now living in the Far East. He is a bit uptight and reserved, but has a hidden talent for singing.

  6. Tanya Chesham-Leigh (played by Christine Baranski) - Tanya is one of Donna's best friends and a former member of her singing group, "Donna and the Dynamos." She is a wealthy divorcee who enjoys the company of younger men.

  7. Rosie Mulligan (played by Julie Walters) - Rosie is another one of Donna's best friends and a former member of "Donna and the Dynamos." She is a fun-loving, carefree woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind.

All of these characters play important roles in the movie and are integral to the storyline.

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Rosie Mulligan's Character Suits You
Tanya Chesham-Leigh's Character Suits You
Sophie Sheridan's Character Suits You
Donna Sheridan-Carmichael's Character Suits You

Quiz Questions And Answers

How important is family to you?

Family above everything
My friends are my family
I'm a lone wolf

What do you find immediately attractive in someone?


What's the best way to spend a Saturday night?

On the dancefloor
Takeaway and Netflix
The pub with pals

How organised are you, honestly?

Super organised - I have my whole life in order
Literally not at all - it's my worst habit
I'm ok,

What's your dream holiday?

Croatia with the gals
Backpacking across Asia
Romantic holiday to italy

What's your dream job?

Travel influencer

How do you deal with heartbreak?

Staying in bed with lots of junk food and Netflix and crying
Partying with my mates every night
Lol what's heartbreak?

Do you know what you're doing when you finish uni?

Already got my grad job lined up in the city
Travelling the world
Move back home, stay unemployed and cry

Your mates turn up at your door at 8pm saying you're going on a night out, what's your response?

Be annoyed they didn't tell me before but eventually agree to go out
Yes let's go!
Um it's 8pm? I'm already in bed

What's your go to ABBA song?

Dancing Queen
Mamma Mia
Super Trouper

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Which Mamma Mia! Character Am I? : Test Trivia

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